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The Greatest Rap Groups of All Time!

As a avid devotee of rap music I thought I would share with you my list of the Greatest Rap Groups of All Time.  We all have varied tastes and opinions on music and artists and I had often wondered if a list could ever be developed.  I certainly understand that fans of the music genre are notorious for debating the finer points of what makes for truly great rap. Some value lyrical flow, others clever writing and some are driven by the quality of beats. In any case when it comes to rap every person’s opinion matters and I hope to add my humble opinion to the conversation.

I am afraid some editorial decisions were required.  For one I am randomly adding names to the list without regard to style, location or eras. So initially some of the great old school rap artists or the obvious choices might not appear initially.  This allows some flexibility in introducing groups that I think everyone should have in their CD, Vinyl or MP3 collections.

My goal is to share my opinions about Americas other great art form–Rap!  And hopefully I can learn a few things from you all.

I will add to the list over time. Please feel free to make suggestions of groups or individual rappers that you think   Here are the innaugural ten:

A Tribe Called Quest

De La Soul


Talib Kweli



The Alkaholiks

Ultramagnetic Mc’s

Jeru the Demaja

Jurassic 5